Special occasions, special requests…

Got something to celebrate?

Birthday? Wedding anniversary? Family reunion?

Or just looking for an excuse to pamper yourself or your partner?

We’re here to assist you!

Everything is possible, e.g. extra room decoration, luxury products in the bathroom, flowers in the room, a nice bottle, sweets,…

But we can also prepare a special menu for you, even with customized and personalized menus.

Please feel free to contact us for any small or big(ger) surprise!


For family events you can even rent our entire property, which can sleep up to 17 people (+ additional cots in every room) spread over 3 rooms and 3 bedrooms in the cottage. You will then also have the cottage kitchen available so you can cook yourself. Unless you prefer to let us do the cooking and just relax and enjoy!


Contact us if you require more detailed information and prices for these options. As these really are modifiable to any extent, it is impossible to calculate standard rates beforehand. We won’t forget that special occasions call for special prices…!

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