About us

Who are we? And why did we start with a chambre d’hôtes? And why in the middle of the Cathar country?


As the hectic and stressful life in Belgium slowly started to catch up with us, we decided to go for a radical change in our life and to plunge into a completely new challenge.
Our quest ended right here in Lasbordes, a small village in the Cathar country near Carcassonne. We slowly fell in love with the area, the environment and the way of life. Then we looked for and found a charming property which seemed to be the perfect place to establish our very own bed & breakfast. Our adventure had found its starting point…
“Us”, that is Chris & Stef.

Halfway into 2009, we abandoned our family and friends in the Flemish region of Belgium to try and make our Cathar country dream come true. We’re in our late forties, adore the sun and the midi mentality, and gladly open the doors of our property and its chambres d’hôtes for you.